England Mode

It’s funny how I randomly get put back into England mode every once and a while, and how much it drives me to get stuff done. After a random burst of inspiration, I decided I needed to stop assuming grad school in London won’t help me with my career, and just give it a chance. There were so many excuses for why I couldn’t do it, and that ranged from financial issues to leaving friends and family, back to thinking about the waste of time it would be to be over there for a year if it didn’t even lead to a work visa. But I need to get over all those pitiful problems and focus on the reason why I want to do this. I want to live and work in England. That has been my goal in life ever since I was a kid, and how dare I give up on that dream just because of some obstacles. If my happiness is based on the fact that I feel the most joyful while I am traveling and living my life in Europe, than why would I continue to stay in America?

I moved from Washington to Los Angeles because I thought it would help with gaining job experience to eventually be offered a job in London, but it’s ridiculous for me to wait around for 10 years for something like that to happen. As I’ve learned from trying to get jobs in LA; you have to actually be in LA so you can interview for a position. There’s only so much a phone interview will get you before they want to meet you in person and make sure you’re not crazy. As I attempted to find a job online and send in my resume, I figured out it’s not enough. Face-to-face contact is still appreciated, even in this age of internet communication. And if it was that hard for a job in my own country, it will be much harder to find a willing participant in England. They only give out visas to Americans when it’s absolutely necessary. I will not sit around working at a boring job in the US when I can go study in London for an entire 365 days, intern during that duration, and become that much more likely to finish those 12 months with a job offer.

I’ve proved from my short time in LA that I was very ambitious and made things happen. As lazy as I am at home, when it comes to job aspirations and my goals, I work harder than anyone I know. I made amazing opportunities happen for myself in less than a month, and if that’s possible, then I know anything is, including getting that impossible work visa. And my outlook on this entire thing is that if even at the end of that year, I haven’t attained the work I want, at least I walk away having spent a year in my favorite city on Earth, and have another degree to walk away with that only adds to my employability. Application due dates are coming up, and I am ready to show these schools and programs that I am the best candidate for them.


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