Seven Things

Anyone who knows me is certain of the fact that I am an Anglophile. I’ve been obsessed with England since I was a child, and it definitely hasn’t let up. The majority of my time is spent thinking about England, London, Europe, traveling, and watching British television and films. While I don’t hate America, there are just a lot of aspects England does that makes them superior in my mind. Here are just a few of those lovely things.

  • Accents
    Yes, I am a sucker for the accents. I am one of those people. Even spending three months there didn’t make me hate it. Yes, some people are hard to understand, especially the further you get out of London. But, there’s just something so romantic and thrilling about hearing someone speak to you with an accent that isn’t your own.
  • Mulled Wine
    In America, our holiday drink is egg nog (which I adore). Unfortunately, England doesn’t seem to enjoy this custom, but instead they replace it with mulled wine, which is tasty and alcoholic. Subtle spices in a warm cup of wine is the best way to spend Christmas to me.
  • Easy Travel
    Besides Europe just being the most collectively beautiful continent, it’s so easy to have access to all of it. The cheaper airlines and amazing transportation system is the most useful thing for people with wanderlust. Spending the weekend in Paris is not such a hard thing to accomplish, and is something I plan to do at least once a month.
  • Fashion
    Europe has always been ahead of the US when it comes to fashion, but something England does much better than us is the fact that they don’t ignore their bigger citizens. As a plus-sized girl, I am appalled at the choices I have here. Every time I’ve been to England, I’ve picked up more clothes that I could’ve ever imagined. Sizes go higher to accomodate the larger girls who still want to dress fabulously.
  • Nostalgia
    Looking out your window in the morning and seeing a cathedral that was build over 500 years ago is the most beautiful thing in the world to me. As someone who doesn’t even know much about architecture, I still appreciate seeing lovely old buildings and structures. America lacks in the history that I like to visually see.
  • TV & Movies
    The BBC has given me the happiest and saddest moments of my life. That’s all I really have to say on that matter.
  • Social Life
    Although I am an introvert, I really do enjoy spending time with people in a social setting. In the UK, going out to pubs after work is a daily thing. Who wouldn’t want to throw back a pint of something and vent about your life to your closest friends? The drinking culture in England is much more a part of every day life, whereas in America, it’s usually a rarity to spend time at a bar, especially as a woman.

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