Three Weeks to Deadline

Grad school is not just a sudden choice that someone makes. It comes with a lot of pondering, planning, and preparation. I decided, whilst studying abroad my junior year, that I was going to come back and do my MA in England. Since then, I’ve gone back and forth on my decision, due to various reasons, but ultimately decided to follow through with it this time.

I actually started researching schools, programs and locations whilst still at the University of Chester, actually began my applications, and was determined to be back there in September 2013 after graduating college. My final year of college started scaring me though. I thought it would be unreasonable to spend thousands of dollars just to spend a year in England to get a degree that might not help me with my future. I put aside that dream and started to focus on the realistic path, which was just to graduate and find a job.

I moved to LA at the end of August. It was an alternative to going to grad school. I thought I’d start my life in a major US city and work my way to England eventually. But LA did not satisfy me at all. I knew that I could never be happy in LA as long as I was thinking about extending my studies. After two months, I left and moved back to Washington to save some money and start focusing on my grad school applications.

Personal StatementI set a deadline for myself of December 31st as the day I will turn in my application of the University of Westminster. This is my top school, and my intended program is Creative Writing: Writing the City of London. I had originally thought I would study Public Relations and continue my undergrad education, but my former PR professor said it wasn’t necessary and that I should find something to complement my first degree.

I agreed with this. Although I enjoy PR a lot, my passions lie in more artistic pursuits. I came across the creative writing program, and it made sense for me to spend a year learning how to improve my writing and finally finishing some of the projects I started back in high school. I have so many stories in my head that I want to tell and if I have all of my attention focused on literature, I’m certain I will complete them.

My deadline is coming up and my application is almost ready to go. I’ve filled out everything except my personal statement, and one final reference. I’m having lunch with my former professor this week to discuss her letter of recommendation for me, and my statement of purpose is in the slow process of being perfected. Everything will be done by the end of the year, and 2-6 weeks from the day I submit it, I should hear back about my acceptance or rejection. As I wait to hear the answer, I will finish my applications for the other programs I’ve chosen.

It’s strange to think that by the middle of February, I’ll know whether or not I’ve been given a place at my dream school, in my favorite city in the world, and in a program that will allow me to express myself creatively. This is my progress so far, and will continue to update after each step is completed. I have three weeks to make myself seem like the most worthy candidate the University of Westminster has ever had apply.

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