One Down, Eight to Go



Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 6.12.39 PMI just sent in my application for the Literary London program at the University of Greenwich, and I’m practically shaking. This is one of my backup schools, but it’s still important for me to know that my application was well received because a yes from them means I have at least someone who wants me! Some of these other programs want a really short statement of purpose, which is really hard for me to edit mine down from 1,200 words to just 250. How can you summarize your entire academic, employment, interests and all that they ask for into barely a paragraph. Maybe it’s the writer in me who wants to go above and beyond what they ask for, but how can one accurately express themselves in a short block of speech.

Well, it’s off my hands and into the palms of the people who will judge my few sentences and judge me based on the possibility of me being a writer or not. It’s scary to think that these people I don’t even know, and will probably never see, making a decision about my life. There’s a reason I have 9 programs that I am potentially applying to. I would hope to get into the University of Westminster’s Creative Writing course, but I also have some other options because this will be happening. Thank God British universities are fast at replying and I’ll find out within a month or two where I stand.



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