Applications Are In

Well, it’s done. I received my final letter of recommendation from my PR professor, looked over my personal statement one last time, and sent in my applications to the University of Westminster. It’s the scariest thing in the world, pushing that submit button. It’s cemented. It’s done. I can’t go back and change the application. My personal statement was mused over by me for many weeks, constantly updating it and fixing little grammar things, but I finally felt that it was all right. And now comes the waiting. The 2-6 weeks I was told it would take to hear back. Obviously I’m hoping it’s closer to two weeks than six, but I won’t know until I hear back. I sent it on a Friday afternoon, so the earliest it would get looked over is Monday, but the school is currently on their winter break until January 13, so I am not sure if the faculty or whoever looks over my application will be doing that until they get back and into school mode. Either way, I need to be patient and give them at least two months to consider me as an applicant. To hear back by the end of this month would be delightful, but I’ll take it as it comes. I can’t wait to hear the response. Since I’ve applied to four different programs through UKPASS, I’m hoping I’ll get into at least one of them. Any of them would actually be perfect. Creative writing, because of my wish to publish a novel. PR, because it was my actual major. Photography, as it is what I love to do. And lastly, Social Media, since it’s something that relates to PR. In my boredom, I may apply to more programs, but for the time being, I think I’ll stick with these four and hope for acceptance. I am very excited for  whatever happens and am crossing my fingers for the best!


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