Personal Statement

Since this blog shall be fairly dead until I start to hear back from schools, I decided to post my personal statement here. Please don’t copy it or steal it. I just want to have a reference so people can see what my reasons are for attending graduate school.


I am an Anglophile. It is a distinguishing trait that causes my frequent daydreams about English culture. It has become a bit of a problem, but thankfully, it is a problem I enjoy dealing with. Being an Anglophile has given me the drive to pursue my dreams and to use my creative outlets for the better. I started writing novels, poetry, plays and short stories at a young age, and still find myself only allowing my work to be based in the United Kingdom.

I ultimately studied journalism and public relations in university because I am good at expressing myself through words and knew the degree would allow me to demonstrate my creativity. For my professional life, my goal is to work in the arts and entertainment industry as a public relations practitioner. My writing, combined with my photography, social media and graphic design skills, round out my gift for publicity very well.

After graduation, I made a split second decision to move to Los Angeles. There were no job opportunities in my local area and I realized that I must face the big city to start my life. Moving to LA seemed reasonable, even though the thought of it was terrifying. I packed my life into my car and drove 1,500 miles away from everyone I knew. My highly ambitious and hardworking nature led me to acquire three PR internships in less than two weeks. My life seemed like it was on the right path.

Unfortunately, these seemingly perfect jobs were not satisfying to me. My only writing was confined to the short blog posts I could muster up between the hours of work and sleep. A former English teacher once told me that you must know all the rules before you can break them, and I was in withdrawal of the knowledge I needed to complete my stories. I had to get back to the basics with my writing. Artists are always unsure of their abilities, and it is a crippling fear that plagues our right-brained minds. “Am I talented enough?” is the mantra that runs through our minds every time we put a pen to a page, step onto the stage, flick a brush stroke, design a logo or press the shutter release. After facing this distressing feeling for quite long enough, I knew I needed to push past it. If anything was going to give me the strength to overcome my insecurities, then it was the furthering of my education

I found myself researching the different graduate programs I could attend. My course of action was apparent; I needed to return to school. As short of an audition as I gave LA, I knew I needed to leave the city, move home and focus on applying for graduate studies. My dream is to spend a year in deep study of the written word, to improve my art and to know all the rules of creative writing so I can break them with proper elegance and flair. With a focused program, such as Writing the City, my entire mind will be engrossed in my work. This degree will help me learn to work through some of my mental blocks and allow my creative juices to flow. In the arts and entertainment industry to be a wordsmith a must, and with this course, I can aptly become a desirable candidate for the career I pursue.

I am a multicultural, multitalented, multimedia master with a passion for improving in the written word and to spend a year so deeply entranced in learning how to develop my writing through reading literature, lectures and working on my personal projects, will give me the motivation I need to pour out my heart onto paper. London is an inspiring place for me to be, and I want my work to reflect that. From the little time I have spent there, it has become my muse. Throughout my travels, there has not been another location that has given me the nostalgia and imagination to create such as London has. Perhaps I am entranced by the city, and that is why I romanticize it so much, but I truly believe it to be a magical place and the location I would like to dwell in while I take part in my studies.


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