First Acceptance Achieved

When I sent off my applications on January 3rd, I wasn’t expecting much of a response for awhile. In fact, I assumed I wouldn’t hear for a month or so. To my surprise, I woke up yesterday morning, to my first acceptance email from the University of Greenwich. This school is my first backup choice. I’m still holding out for the University of Westminster before I make any decisions, but it is a relief to know that I have a spot in a school if I want it, and once I email them to accept, I am in the process of starting my journey to London.

This acceptance feels good because it means I can go whether I change my mind or not. Before, everything was based on if I got accepted or not, but now, I have a guaranteed spot at a school that was second on my list. If I wanted to, I could send in my deposit, start my visa paperwork, and get on my way to making this a reality, but I still have to wait to hear from my dream school before I get too excited. But I do have a spot for me if I want to take it, and the school wanted me, which is reassuring to my feelings on my talent and intelligence.


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