My Dream School Wants Me

The University of Westminster wants me. They actually want me! But seriously, they accepted me into the Public Relations MA program, so I am officially able to attend my dream school, if I so choose. I still haven’t heard back about the Creative Writing course, and the Photography department wants me to send in a portfolio, but I am at least accepted to the school, and that’s all that matters. I am very excited and elated that the school I’ve been lusting over for so long wants me as a student. It’s a nice confirmation of my skills and lets me know that I am worthy of grad school.

Now comes the paperwork, scholarship applications, visa, financial aid, and accommodation stuff, but I am fully prepared for it, and cannot wait until I finally purchase the plane tickets and am 100% ready to leave. There are 7.5 months before I go, and a lot to do, but I have every confidence that I can get all my stuff together and step onto that plane to spent 365 days in the city I love so much. Now that I know it’s a go, I have to-dos, budgets, and a bucket list to put together to make sure I am fully prepared. For someone who procrastinates as much as I do, this is really showing another side of me that can get stuff done when I put my mind to it.


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