Flight Purchased

I just did a horribly stupid, yet quite intelligent thing. I just purchased a one-way ticket from Seattle to London for September 5th, 2014. Way to plan in advance, Samantha. Good job for shelling out $450 for a plane ticket to London when you haven’t even accepted your placement yet. Great decision to use a large amount of money to buy something that is seven months away. Dear God, I am shaking. But it is a super smart choice. When you find a good airline price, you have to take it, even if it seems way too far in advance. Being seven months too early can definitely make a difference in price. I’ve been looking at airfares a lot lately, and one-way tickets always cost as much as or more than the entire round-trip flight. That’s ridiculous. Especially when you can’t book over a year in advance, so I can’t book my return ticket until September anyways, so if I’m lucky, I can get another one-way ticket for the same price and only have spent $900 total on flights from Seattle to London and back. Normally a round trip costs $1200-1400, so I am saving money, even if I am in shock right now from spending that much money. But it’s worth it. And I now have my plane ticket, which is one thing on my huge to-do list that I can cross off and not worry about for awhile. I get nine hours in Reykjavik to explore before hopping back on a plane to finish my journey. I’ll be arriving in London a little earlier than my accommodation will be ready, but I’ll just book a hotel room for a couple nights for when I first get there so I can get some sleep and be fully prepared for my year abroad.


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