Weight Loss Goals

Between now and the time I leave for London, is a little over 7 months. Traveling and moving to a new place are two very stressful events. They tend to give you an excuse to eat unhealthy food, because it’s all you have access to. Since I’ve traveled, and moved to a new place before and have seen the horror that ensues weight-wise, I know I’m in for a big scare whenever I land down in London town. From nasty plane food, to airport meals, to the first few days staying in a hotel or hostel, and then the frenzy of orientations, I know I will probably have a month where it will be difficult for me to eat healthy. Which is why I have a major goal I would like to achieve before I leave.

I want to lose the final 50lbs of the 100lbs I have been trying to lose for the past year and a half. In May of 2012, I started my weight loss journey, and with some ups and downs, I only ever lost about half of my intended goal. It’s now almost the end of January, and I’ve been dieting since the 1st and I am already down about 10-15lbs. I am now officially at the half-way mark again, and I would like these next 7 months to be the time when I finally complete my weight loss goals. Seven months is plenty of time to get the rest of this fat off of me, and have me be an adequate, healthy weight when I arrive for grad school. I have a major goal to be working towards this time as well. I have the date of September 5th to push me into making good food choices.

I am very motivated this time around, and am sick of messing things up. There’s a million reasons to lose weight, but just the very thought that I will most likely gain a bit of it back when I arrive in the UK, is enough of a reason to get the weight off now, so I can be prepared for that when I get there. The plethora of attractive British men doesn’t hurt either. Weight loss will also lead to more opportunities while I’m there. I won’t have to huff and puff when trekking around the continent, and that will add to my experience.


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Goals

  1. Hi
    Im from England and my son and his wife live in London so I know the place reasonably well. You will love it there. Yes it will be different to your country and you may find it puzzling at first but it’s a pretty amazing city. As far as healthy eating goes, all our supermarkets sell a fabulous array of fruit, vegetables and salad ingredients. There are lots of small versions of the large supermarkets in the city (such as Tesco, waitrose and M and S ) so just hunt them out. You don’t have to eat nasty fried food unless you choose to. Yes you will see lots of handsome men…and they dress well and take care of their appearance. It is an expensive place, compared to the rest of the country, but you would expect that. There are so many fabulous things to do that wont cost you the earth. Get some good walking shoes and explore. Buy an A to Z book and you wont get lost.


    Enjoy the adventure.
    Oh and the underground trains we call tube trains…as in “I will get the tube home” pronounced “Chewb” not tube.

    1. Thank you! I’ve actually already spent quite a bit of time in London, so I know that there are healthy options, but I know when you’re getting settled into a new place, it’s hard sometimes to stay on track with a diet when you don’t even have a way to cook yet. I’m not too worried. And I am definitely ready for the expense, haha.

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