Creative Writing Interview

After not hearing anything from the Creative Writing department since I turned in my application, I have finally received an email for a Skype interview. This must mean that they liked my application and portfolio, so I am very much closer to getting an offer for the Writing the City program. I’d much rather be in London for writing than Public Relations, but will accept it as a backup if this interview doesn’t go well.

I’m nervous about the interview. How do grad school interviews go? What will they ask me that I didn’t already have in my application? Is this interview to prove that I am a normal person who just has a passion to write? Or will they grill me about my favorite authors and playwrights? I better start studying up on different writers and books to prepare myself to be able to brag about my knowledge of literature.

I am so close to London, I can feel it. I’m still daydreaming way too much about it and can’t stop thinking about my future come September. All I want to do is to be able to be inspired by my home and write at least one of my books that I’ve started. PR is a great program and will allow me to learn more about my industry, but I really need and want to write. PR will  be too distracting for me to actually sit down and write non-school stuff. Creative Writing will be the best way for me to purge my mind of my thoughts and stories.


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