Mistress of Arts: Creative Writer Extraordinaire

At the beginning of this journey, I was very confident at the outcome of my applications. I was positive I would become a student of the Creative Writing program at the University of Westminster. After sending in my application though, I started to get a bit too pessimistic about it. Why would they ever accept me? I love to write, but am I even good at it? But thankfully these fears and feelings went away the moment I received my acceptance email this morning. I knew I was going whether or not I had been accepted, but now, I am an official student of the MA Creative Writing: Writing the City. People ask me what program I am doing, and I get to tell them I have a year in London to learn how to write this vibrant and beautiful city. I am so lucky! I mean, luck didn’t come into play when I had to work as hard as I did to complete this process, but when I say I am lucky, I mean that I am one of few people who have so much drive and ambition to be able to do this and run off to Europe to follow their dreams. I get to spend a year writing, taking photographs, and documenting my youth in a creative way, all while learning from professors at an amazing university, stationed in my favorite city in the world. Not many young people get this chance, and I am making this happen!

Out of all the things I could have gone to grad school for, it’s interesting to me that it evolved into creative writing. I’ve always been a writer and storyteller, from a very young age. My parents taught me to read by the time I was 3 and I never looked back. I read a lot and escaped into my fantastical mind. I drew picture books and short stories and created worlds. I always knew I wanted to be an author, but assumed it would just happen naturally. English class was always something I excelled at, and I figured I’d just get my stuff published someday. But after a 6 year hiatus in taking an English class, I felt I was slipping in my knowledge of basic grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. I’m rusty with my mechanics of writing. College also changed my writing style from creative to academic and journalistic, and I wasn’t a fan of the structured writing we were forced to use. While I have many different interests in life, and could go to grad school for any of them, I personally don’t feel that being educated in performance art, photography, design or public relations will make me any better at those industries. However, I know that writing, while is a natural talent some people have, is something that can be improved through instruction.

So here I am, less than 7 months away from starting my creative writing journey, completely ready to jump in headfirst to a year of honing my craft and coming out at the end with a product I am finally satisfied with. It will be the most expensive year of my life, but 12 months of learning, writing, taking photographs, traveling and exploring will be so entirely worth it.


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