Waiting Period

Right now is the awkward waiting period. That time when there’s not anything else I can do to further this process of grad school. I finally sent in FAFSA, so now I have to wait patiently for that to be processed by the university. I can’t apply for housing until April, so where I am living is still a mystery. My scholarship application isn’t due until the end of April, so I have way too much time to write and prepare that before mailing it off. I can’t apply for a visa until the summer. Basically, I have some time to relax before getting back into grad school mode, but it feels weird to not be doing anything. I feel like I should be making something happen, but I’ve already been accepted and booked my flight, so I literally can’t do anything else until I start hearing back from the school about financial aid and such.

I’m not worried about anything, but I am kind of stir crazy about being so idle. I wish there was more I could do, but as I still am six months away from leaving, I really just need to enjoy my leisure time before it gets crazy, which I’m sure it will this summer. Before I know it, I will have too much stuff to do to complete the process, so I might as well truly calm down and accept that there will be a month or so of no movement towards the final goal. As I get to July and August, it will become the time to start preparing more fully for leaving at the beginning of September, and this is when where I’m living, logistics, travel and packing will come into play. At the moment I am free to just dream about London before the stressful times arrive.


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