The Right Choice?

I’m really starting to wonder if grad school is the best choice for me. Why do I need a year and $50,000 to make myself into a writer? Why can’t I just go travel around London and Europe for awhile and then come back to America? Why shouldn’t I just move to New York City after I get back from that trip, and then find a company who will eventually transfer me to the UK? Why am I so impatient about getting to London on a more permanent basis? I have the rest of my life to find a way to live over there, so why am I ruining my life now with loans that will take me the rest of my life to pay off? What’s wrong with saving some money now so in September, I can use the plane ticket I already bought to go off to Europe for a few months, return and move to NYC to a PR job that will make me some money? These are all thoughts that have gone through my head in the past few days. I really, really want to live in London, but why waste so much money on a degree that I could potentially work on myself through self-reflection and travel? If I save money starting now, I could potentially have about $4,000 before I leave in September, and then that would definitely give me a few months over there to couch-surf, stay with friends, explore, write, take photographs, and return to America and start my new job search in NYC. I can stay with my parents for awhile while I search, try to make some money taking photos, then move to the next best city on my list. While London is my dream, I don’t want to waste my entire year looking for a job that won’t happen. Why not work at a PR firm in New York that has a branch in the UK and then transfer that way? It may take longer to make that happen, but it will be a goal to look forward to. Right now, my sights are set so short. I’m thinking about only the things that can satisfy me in the short-term, when I need to set life goals, so I don’t get stuck in a rut after finishing everything at a young age. I need something to work towards. Yes, I can travel while I’m young, and accomplish things, but I have a whole life ahead of me to work towards that goal, and I can do it in a realistic way, rather than start repaying back loans that will take forever to do. Also, it may sound like a rich, first-world thing to say, but my parents would never let me fall on my face, so if I am in Europe for a few months and exhaust my funds, they would pay my return ticket flight and get me home so I can start paying them back for whatever I owe them.

Of course, this is all speculation and thought. I am not tied down to my school yet, and if I don’t get any scholarships or grants, then perhaps this other path is a better one to take. I have time to decide. All that matters is that I have a plane ticket already and will be using it either way. I will either go to grad school, or just travel. There is no reason to make a hasty decision now. I will be going abroad in September either way. I may need opinions and help with this decision before I make it.


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