World Traveler

As of my latest post, I was struggling with the choice to go to grad school or flee from that plan and do something else. I asked a lot of friends for advice and attempted to delve deeper into myself and my reasons for doing school vs. starting real life. After a lot of reflection and thought, outside opinions, I decided, that unless I get a multitude of scholarships to help fund my schooling, I will be using the plane ticket that I already bought, fly to London in September, travel around Europe and Northern Africa, come back home in time for Christmas, and then move to New York City and begin my job search. It was a hard decision to make, especially since I had my heart set on London, but this way, I’ll still get to spend an extended amount of time there, and not come out at the end of a year of school with loans to pay back.

Now it’s time for me to start planning this trip. I need to compact the many locations I want to go into a 3-4 month span instead of the 12 months I had before. I also need to decide which places are the most important to me, as well as factor in my very low budget. I want this trip to be full of spontaneity, therefore, I won’t be purchasing nights in hostels or plane or train tickets in advance. I do want a basic outline of my trip though, and will make sure I don’t run off course.

I am also incredibly excited to move to New York City. If I couldn’t live in London, my dream was to live in NYC. I’ve always wanted to experience the beauty of it and the hustle-like life that New Yorkers lead. I know that I can easily get a job in my field, and then spend my free time taking improv classes and doing stand up in dive bars. New York is also much closer to my beloved Europe, so making flights there will be less of an expense. I am ready to jump into this adult-life thing, and I know NYC is the best place for me to do that. I will live in Europe someday, but for now, I’ll live in America and just be a world traveler.


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