Wigram House

I sent in my housing application a couple weeks ago, and I am beyond excited to be placed! Since I applied on the opening date, I am sure I will be getting into Wigram House, which is the only dorm postgraduate students on a 38 week contract can be placed. I’ve read reviews of this dorm, and they weren’t the best, but I won’t mind too much, because all I really have to do there is sleep, bathe and relax. I will most likely be exploring London most of the time anyways, so if the photos of the rooms are all lies, than I can rest easy knowing that I’m not confined to my room. block6   I’m a fan of the building though. It’s in a nice, quiet residential area, and the outside is lovely brick and apparently if you live higher up in the building, there are some beautiful views of London. I’ve always wanted to live in a nice flat in London, and although this will be a dorm, the idea of living in a home in central London is quite exciting! Unilet_Wigram_House037 What I am most excited about this dorm though, is the location. I am literally in central London. I am just minutes from Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and all the touristy locations. I am steps away from the Victoria tube station, as well as the Victoria coach station (from which I’ll be catching many buses to Paris from). I am only a 40 minute walk to campus, and I get to walk through Green Park or a 15 minute tube ride. My campus is also only a few blocks down from Primark, which will be dangerous for me and my budget, but maybe if I’m around it every day, I’ll get tired of shopping (probably not though). Untitled-1   It will be so wonderful living so centrally in the city I’ve been dying to spend time in for my entire life. I really will be able to write the city of London accurately after living right in the middle of it. I will be able to do walkabouts, which are when you walk around an area or neighborhood and take pictures, breathe in the things you find, make discoveries, and then write about what you encountered. I’m sure I’ll discover something new every day from my location.


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