How I Got a $1,400 Flight for $765

Searching for flights is not a favorite task for most people. It gets stressful and leads to a lot of money coming out of your bank account. In fact, if flights were cheap, everyone would be flying everywhere all the time. But that’s not happening, so it can be frustrating to find good deals for a flight that you need, especially when you’re going out of the country. Thankfully I like doing this mundane task, and it’s actually fun for me.

Most of the time, an average roundtrip flight from Seattle to London is between $1,200 & $1,400. That’s a lot of money. For most people at a minimum wage job, that’s their entire months salary. It makes sense why people give up on their travel dreams to Europe. But you have to learn how to beat the system. When I bought my oneway ticket to London for $450, I came across an amazing deal, because when I went back to the website the next week, the price of the same ticket went up to $600. Even if I were to find a return ticket for the same price, I would still only be paying $900 for a full roundtrip, which is a great deal, but we’ll see what happens when that time comes.

I’d been discussing the possibility of my boyfriend coming to visit me while I’m in London, and when I first started researching flights for him, it was looking like it would be $850-950 for a roundtrip, which isn’t a bad price, but when you’re buying something that expensive for someone else, that’s a lot of money (especially when you’re kind of poor like me). But after continuing to search and search for different ways to make this amount of money less and see if there were other combinations of flights that we could figure out, I finally found the answer.

What if he flew into London, but left from another city? We want to travel a bit while he’s there anyways, so he could potentially leave from somewhere else. I tried different combinations, but the one that yielded the best results was a $765 flight from Seattle to London & Paris to Seattle. That’s only $383 each way! To find a deal that great blew me away and I bought it immediately. When a ticket like that would normally cost up to $1,400, getting it for almost half is like hitting a sale at the mall.

Of course, this was done with no frequent flier miles or any discounts. STA Travel has an amazing flight search engine, and it takes into consideration your status as a student or youth under 26 to find you the best deals. There’s a lot of sites out there, but so far, STA has yielded the best results for me. Now my dream of my boyfriend visiting me in romantic Europe is reality, and for a really low price. It’s the most epic birthday present I’ve ever gotten for someone, but I could not pass up that deal.

Of course, he’s going to have to pay for the rest of his trip himself, but sometimes it’s truly the flight that scares people off from taking the risk and actually going somewhere, and by finding a good deal, it can make all the difference in whether you go or not. Just keep searching every day for different flights, try different combinations of airports, and don’t be too stuck to a plan. Sometimes flying into nearby airports, having a long layover or testing different flight search engine websites can make the biggest difference in price. Also, don’t be afraid to pounce once you find a good deal, because it might be gone the next day!


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