Four Months

The time to embark on my new journey is starting to creep up on me. In the next four months, there is so much to do to prepare! For just a preview of what I have to do, I’ll list off some stuff:

  • Doctors appointments
  • Get rooming assignment
  • Visa application
  • Visa appointment
  • Booking hostel for first arrival
  • Buy ISIC card
  • Stock up on medications and contact lenses
  • Unlock iPhone
  • Tell landlord I’m moving out
  • Send in resignation to work
  • Move out of apartment
  • Buy bedding & kitchen kit for dorm room that will be ready when I arrive
  • Sign up for international student orientation
  • Get my hair relaxed
  • Pack my luggage
  • Open UK bank account
  • Etc…..

Just a lot of things to complete between now and then, which I am confident that I can do! I’m sure more things will pop up and I’m ready to take the challenge!


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