Two Weeks Notice

Sometimes I don’t feel like an adult because I make dumb decisions that only a young person could afford to do, but then I have to tell myself that every feeling and thought I have is justified, and I have to follow my heart, no matter how much it might be the stupid choice. Originally I was going to stay at my job until the end of August. It made sense to do that. I would have money coming in all summer, and then have extra to go to London with. But sometimes, the intelligent, realistic thing isn’t always the best.

This Friday, I will be putting in my two weeks notice at work. After not being able to handle the culture of my company any longer, I decided that I’d rather spend my final three months in America happy. Sticking it out just to make money may be what a smart person would do, but I don’t feel comfortable staying anymore. I want to be able to enjoy the short time I have left, and with my current job, I will continuously be stressed. My summer should not be spent unhappy. I want to be with the people I care about and do some artistic projects with people while I still have the chance.

This comes with a price though. My job paid very well, which means I will be living off my small savings for the rest of the summer, and possibly wont have anything for my first three weeks in London until my financial aid kicks in. I have a couple options though. I could get a flexible part time job, which will give me some money to live on. I could also sell my belongings or do freelance photography to get some cash. Or I can just budget super well and not spend any money other than on rent, food and gas for my car. I have to pay for my visa application next month, which will be $530, so that’s the biggest thing I’ll be paying for this summer, but there’s other things on my list that I should buy as well, but it might have to wait. And thankfully, I have amazing parents who would never let me fall on my feet, so if something happens, they’ll be there for me.

I’m not worried. The thing that scares me the most is actually the resignation part, as well as the last two weeks at my job where it will be awkward to be around the office with everyone knowing I’m leaving. I also have to take advantage of my health insurance for the rest of this month before it goes away. It’s a major life decision, but I’m not scared. Things will work out for the best, and before I know it, I will be off to London.


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