Housing Allocation

I am officially placed in Wigram House, and paid my outrageous deposit ($425!!!), but I now have a place to live, and that’s one thing out of the way to not have to deal with. Unfortunately, this deposit took a very large hit on my bank account, which means that for the rest of this month, I have to take it really easy with money, but at least I have my housing to look forward too!

It’s always a comfort to know where you’re staying. It makes it become more real, and less feelings of stress if you don’t have to scramble at the last minute to find a place to live. The only thing I have to figure out now is where I am going to stay between when I arrive on September 6 and can move into my dorm. I can officially move in on the 13th, which is a week later, but if I do the orientation stuff, I think I can move in on the 8th. Either way, I need a safe place to stay for a few nights because I will have a lot of luggage with me and I need to make sure it stays locked up.

In three and a half months I will be stumbling my way through the city, after a long flight, finding my way to the place where I’ll be living for 9-10 months. It’s really exciting to think about. My room will be small and it will kind of suck to live in a dorm and share a bathroom again, but that’s a small sacrifice to make to live right in the heart of London. I can’t wait to find out which room I’m in, because I hope I get a great view of the city.


And I’ll truly be in the heart of London. Wigram House is really a quick walk to Buckingham Palace and Victoria Station, which are two major landmarks. I can get coffee in just a few minutes from the nearby Starbucks, go hop on a bus at the station, and take off to Paris anytime I’d like! Or I can take a quick jog past the palace and into Green Park, where many Londoners like to exercise. I can take the tube right near my door right to the shopping district in 10 minutes. I am truly in a great location and am so lucky to get to live in the middle of this amazing city.


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