Every Penny Counts

I applied to a grant foundation that I’ve received money from for school for the past few years, and they’ve come through yet again and given me $2,500 towards my studies! While it’s definitely not much compared to the $50,000+ in loans I’ll have to pay back, every single penny counts, so I am very happy. I asked them for $5,000, so getting half of that is really great!

I’m still waiting to hear about the University of Westminster scholarships, which would help a lot towards my schooling, but that will be another month or so away. I am happy to even have a small amount I can use for my education, and it’s an honor that I’ve received this grant for the fourth time.

I wish I had applied to some bigger scholarships last fall, but some of those deadlines are so early, and I missed them. So I will not fret, but instead be happy that someone believes in me enough to give me funds for school.

On another note, I have an interview for a design/PR position that is part time, which would give me some extra cash this summer. During the phone interview, they asked me if I’d be willing to telecommute from London once I leave, and that would be such an amazing offer if they follow through with it. I was trying to avoid getting a job in London so I could travel, but if I’m a contract worker with minimal internet/design hours that can all be sent electronically, I think it would be really nice to have a nice little cash flow coming in and be something I can do even while travelling around! Things are looking up!


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