My Travel Essentials


Everyone has their travel essentials. The things they absolutely need with them on a journey to make them feel complete. I decided to make my own list of stuff I like to have with me. And when I say essentials, this list can definitely vary, depending on the location I travel to. For example, I want to go to Cairo, but I would never take my Macbook Pro with me. Too many things could happen. But I would take it to Paris.


  • Camera

My camera is my life. I have trekked it across Europe three times now, and it’s my baby. Photography is one of my major loves in life, so I try to take my Canon 7D with me everywhere I go. Any traveller knows that a camera is definitely essential to any journey.

  • Macbook Pro

As I am trying to blog about all my experiences in live-time, I think having a laptop with you is important. When I bought my Macbook, it probably wasn’t the smartest choice to buy the 17-inch version, as it is HUGE and really a hassle to carry around. But the bigger screen means I can edit photos and video and actually see what I’m doing. Also, blogging will be a cinch with a laptop to type on.

  • iPhone

I think it’s good to disconnect from the world when you travel, but as I am in PR and am a blogger with a social media presence, I know how important things like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can be when on the road. Finding wifi with just a phone will be difficult, but I will be getting a UK sim card when I’m in London, and hopefully my travels will allow me to capture some selfies with my phone camera that I can’t get with my large DSLR (ever try to take a selfie with a DSLR? It’s not easy).


  • Passport

Obviously you need your passport. You can’t go into a foreign country without one. Keep your passport safe and sound and protect it with your life!

  • Money

While you don’t have to have paper or coin currency to travel nowadays (most places take an American credit or debit card with a fee), having physical money in your hands is important, since a lot of places only take cash. Plus, foreign money is really fun to have and examine, and if you have any leftover, it makes a nice souvenir!

  • Travel Journal

When your computer runs out of battery, or for the places you don’t feel safe bringing laptop, you need a travel journal of some sort. Being able to write down stuff that inspires you, or drawing tiny sketches of cool things you see is such a gift. Having a notebook to write in is so important. It becomes a document of your journey and can be something you look back on in the future.


  • Scarf

Scarves are crazy useful. They keep your neck warm, cover up potential hickeys, can be used as a hood, you can wrap stuff up in them; the possibilities are endless, as cliche as that sounds. Scarves are the best fashion accessory, as well as something that can be used for many different purposes.

  • Sunglasses

You never know when the sun will magically come out and then blind you as you try to experience a new place. It’s always good to protect your eyes from sunlight, even when it’s not even super sunny out. A cute pair will get you through, and for $5, if you lose them, it’s not even a big deal.

  • Backpack/Purse

Having somewhere to keep your things when you’re not using them is highly important. Backpacks or large purses are a great way to store your stuff, and getting a cute, but efficient bag will not only add to your look, but safely store your goods.


  • Little Black Dress

When in doubt, wear a LBD. They’re cute, timeless and look good no matter what time of the year. Black hides stains, and can be re-worn without obviousness, day after day. You seriously can’t go wrong with a black dress. They look good on everyone and will work well in every country.

  • Boots

Other than being good for rain-wear, boots are fashionable and usually pretty sturdy. If you buy a good pair, they’ll last you all over your travels. They keep your feet dry, warm and secure and look cute. They are comfortable and a classic look for any location.

  • Cardigan

Coats should be an obvious thing to not include on this list, but for countries where it’s a bit warmer, or when you want to go out for the day without a huge jacket, a cardigan is the best thing to cover up with. It allows you to class up your look a bit, especially if you’re going into a religious site and need to have your arms covered. Cardigans go with almost every outfit, and always look great.

And that’s my list! Obviously there are a million more things I would travel with and would pack, but these are the main things and are the items I will have in my bag. Good luck on your own travels and with what you decide to bring!


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