Hostel Booked and Job Aquired

I was 100% sure I would be completely broke this summer. I thought that there would be no place in Bellingham that would hire me, especially since it was so difficult for me to get hired last summer. But as if it was meant to be, I got a part-time job doing something that I will actually really enjoy; Production Design. I will be a freelance designer/public relations person for a company that sells POS systems, and while that’s not necessarily the job field I want to be in, it’s a contract position, which means my hours will be very fluid, and I’ll have get to spend time with friends this summer, rather than being stressed out with a 40-hour a week job. I’ll also get to continue using my skills in my career field, which will look good on my resume. A little extra money coming in this summer won’t hurt either.

I emailed the university’s student accommodation to find out when I could move in early to my dorm, but they said to contact them again in August, which is cutting it close for booking a hostel. I have at least two days in London where I possibly don’t have a place to stay, and I’ll have a lot of luggage with me and expensive items like my camera and laptop to protect. I decided that I couldn’t wait until August to know for sure which nights I needed to book, so I went ahead and found a hostel quite close to where my dorm will be, and booked 7 nights in Surprise Backpackers hostel so I at least have a reservation to keep me sane. I will contact the university again in August to find out for sure which day I can move in, but at least in the meantime, I will not be completely homeless, and I can always change or cancel the booking later, and all I will have lost is $25 to book a place.

This whole grad school thing has really opened my eyes to how organized I can be. I usually hate to have everything in order and things planned out too far in advance, but this entire thing is very important to me to have set in place so I have it 100% perfect when I arrive. I don’t want to be too stressed out in my first few moments in London, and by making my timeline/to do list, I’ve made sure I get things done in a timely manner, as well as know what to expect coming up. The next big thing to do is send in my visa application, which will happen in less than 10 days. After my visa gets accepted, I can rest easy for the next few months, because I’ll know I am actually 100% good to go. I can’t believe I made this happen for myself, but my ambition is strong, and I can’t wait any longer for life to happen. You have to go after it without an outside push. Seriously; follow your dreams. It’s worth it.


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