Goodbye Beginnings

The goodbyes have started. It’s the end of the school year and people are starting to head home, which means I’ve been having to say my farewells now. Some of these people, I know I’ll never see again. We’ll stay in touch over Facebook and maybe text each other once in a blue moon, but I have to start realizing that for the most part, we’ve parted ways and that hug was the last interaction I’ll have with them. Growing up and moving on is really hard. You really start to realize who has become the important people in your life who you’ll actually make an effort to hang onto. There are the people you’ll try to go visit at least once a year, or message everyday with life news. And then there’s the people who did make a true mark upon your life, but you didn’t make a big enough impression on them, and they don’t make the effort to stay connected and you’re left without them.

This all seems very bleak, but it’s the way of life. We meet thousands of people during the time we’re alive, and that’s what so beautiful about humanity. We are constantly making and losing connections, and it’s not a big deal. You grow up in a small town, you leave for college or work, and then you spend your whole life living in different places and making new friends, and it’s okay to have to say those goodbyes. It sucks sometimes, but it’s just how it is. This summer is going to make me a wreck with all the goodbyes I’ll have to say, but I also want to enjoy the time I have with the people I care about before I go.

I have the few people in my life whom I cherish very much, and those are the people I will make an effort with. I want to be that person who can call up their dearest friend when we’re both 45 and arrange to visit each other and get drinks somewhere. Ideally, we’d both be living in the same city, but who knows where life will take us. I am always hoping for the positive outcome. And I know I’ll make new friends along the way, and maybe my friend soulmate will be out there somewhere and it will be meant to be that we cross paths. I’m not afraid.


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