Orcas Island

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The past few days of my life were spent on Orcas Island, in the lovely Pacific Northwest. It’s strange how I’ve lived in Washington my whole life and had never been to any of the San Juan Islands, but since I had a friend with a lovely cabin on Orcas, my boyfriend and I decided to go up with a group of friends to spend some days relaxing, away from it all. I grew up on Whidbey Island, so Orcas really wasn’t too different in the small town, rural sort of life. The cabin we stayed at was high up Buck Mountain, with a gorgeous view of the water. There were great trails and forest to explore, surrounding the house, so it was fun to get in touch with my inner-child and go into the woods again.

My friend took us to some fun areas of the island for adventuring, which included a long hike around a lake, up a terribly steep hill to a lookout point, and some nice drives around the scenic route. I got some really pretty photos of the area, and was reminded how much I like to do nature photography. Perhaps if I came from a landlocked place, or a major city, Orcas Island might have been more of a treat, but since I’ve been stuck on either an island, or small towns most of my life, I wasn’t in awe during our mini-break, but it was still nice to get a few nights away to spend with good people and enjoy the beautiful weather.


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