Top 10 London To Do List: #1 West End

Counting down the weeks until I leave, I will post 1 of 10 items that are definite must-dos for my time in London.

#1. Attend as many West End productions as possible (preferably once a week or so).

Student rush tickets are so cheap when you show up to a theatre 30 minutes before the performance starts. To get a ticket for £20 or less to see a professional production is everything a theatre lover like me could want. Especially when it includes a celebrity or performer I’ve been dying to see. For example, in 2015,  Benedict Cumberbatch will perform the title role in Hamlet. According to the Barbican webpage, the show is supposed to run from August 6 through October 31, 2015. If I am still in London throughout September 2015 (which I hope to be), this means I will be able to see my favorite actor (tied for first place with Robert Downey Jr.), perform the title role of Hamlet. This is definitely something that will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, there will be plenty of performances and shows I can see, and possibly find my new favorite musical or play. This is not limited to just West End shows I guess. There’s a multitude of theatre in London that isn’t considered West End, and these shows will be cheaper and probably in a small, intimate theatre. I also hope to get involved with theatre myself if possible. I know auditioning will be tough since I’m American, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Even with a major city like London, there’s bound to be small community theatres, looking for people to sing and act.


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