Tier 2 Visa

So it looks like it’ll be way easier to stay in London than I thought. In my previous research, I was sad to find that the former Tier 1 visa that allowed students who graduated in the UK to stay for up to 2 years to look for a job had been eradicated in April of 2012. I was actually really bummed, because that was how I figured I could stay there if I ended up going to grad school there. I stopped researching it for awhile because of my sadness, only to have overlooked my other option for staying in my beloved UK.

Since my departure date is coming up, I started to look up what is going to happen after I get my degree, which is when I stumbled upon the Tier 2 Visa. This magical little item allows students who have graduated from a university in the UK, to bypass the dreaded Labour Market Test, which is why it’s so hard to get a work visa in the UK in the first place, and why only experienced people can get jobs abroad. The Labour Market Test is why I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to stay in London.

With a degree from a UK university, I just have to network, find a job, hope it’s on the list of workplaces that sponsor foreign workers, and have £945 in my bank account and a salary over £20,5000. While this may be a bit hard to procure, I literally have an entire year to do this search, and have until September of 2015 to set it in stone and apply for my  Tier 2 Visa. It’s actually almost too good to be true. I could actually get to stay in London and work for some fancy theatre, PR or publishing company and my dream would come true. I now actually have a reason to network now. Before it was just f0r fun, but now it could actually be my reality. I am very excited for this potential opportunity, and I am ready to see it through.


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