Top 10 London To Do List: #2 Stonehenge

Counting down the weeks until I leave, I will post 1 of 10 items that are definite must dos for my time in London.

#2. Take a day jaunt to Stonehenge.

I know Stonehenge isn’t in London, but there are so many tours to it, leaving from London, because it’s one of those day trips that most tourists take when they go to England. I don’t care how tourist-y it is! I want to go see if it lives up to its hype.

When I was younger, and obsessed with archeology, I would watch documentaries about old ruins, and obviously Stonehenge was one of those ruins I become interested in. I’d love to go see this conserved piece of history, still standing and being explored.

I’ve also heard that Salisbury is just a beautiful place and I think it would be lovely to take a day trip out there, especially in the spring, when the fields are blooming, and I can take some beautiful photographs of the English countryside.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 London To Do List: #2 Stonehenge

  1. Hey it’s Susie from tumblr…

    I just wanted to say, I’ve been here! As far as it living up to the hype…eh. It was cool to see definitely, but I had a designated hour long time slot there and after I stood looking at Stonehenge for 10 minutes I was like, “Um, okay. It’s cold. Can we go to Bath now?” (I went in February, and you’re in an open field, with sheep to your right and a gorgeous highway filled with speeding cars to your left, lovely, and it was SO windy and cold). Definitely something to see and something to cross of your bucket list, for sure but not the most impressive thing in the world. It’s something to do in conjunction with visiting a nearby town, such as Sailsbury which I’ve heard is very beautiful. And yes, definitely go when it’s warmer!

  2. I’d have to agree with the above comment, definitely nice to see once in your life but not worth a day trip on its own. I visited Stonehenge, Windsor and Oxford on a day trip with Evan Evans Tours ( and loved it! They have plenty of day trip packages and really great service. Check out the website for more info 🙂

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