Thrift Shop Luggage


After finding out that this will be the summer of the young, broke and reckless, I realized that I was going to be very stingy with the low amount of money that I have left, and go for the cheapest option when it comes to the things I have left to get. I’d been looking for potential luggage at places like Ross, and even those bags were $75 each, so I figured I should take my search to the local thrift shops to see what I could find.

And here’s my finds. Two sort of jankety bags that will carry my belongings to London. I didn’t feel the need to have anything fancy or expensive because I am literally using these bags to transport my clothes and stuff, unpacking them, and then re-packing them at the end of my time there and returning with them. I don’t need anything sturdy or pretty, just something that will successfully hold my stuff as it flies from Seattle to England with me.

So my suggestion for people who want to save money is to go look at thrift shops! Each of these bags cost $10. $20 to carry my stuff across the world isn’t bad, especially compared to the $150+ I could’ve ended up having to pay. You don’t need luxury when it comes to suitcases. I really don’t know where that idea came from. Maybe I’m just a poor student and that’s why I think this way, but I don’t care. I don’t need fancy bags to keep me happy.


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