Student Visa

visa copy

If anything was standing in my way of getting to London, it was this tiny sticker attached to a page in my passport. My Tier 4 student visa has been issued, and it is resting safely in my hands. Strange how something that cost me $530 is seriously just an adhesive rectangle with my photo on it. But other than complaining about the cost and the annoying application process, I am so delighted that I can finally have it in my possession, and that I am allowed to enter England as a student this fall.

I received notification that it was issued to me on Wednesday, so it only took 8 business days to go through and a two weeks to make its way back to me in the mail. I hate my unflattering photo on it, but it’s all mine and I am fully legal to be in the UK starting in September. I can’t stop staring at it. It’s so pretty and shiny and proves that I am ready to go and be in London, learning creative writing and traveling around. This was the last, big final step to completing this process, and it feels like such a load off my back to now be ready to leave in two months.


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