Money Frustrations

The last few days of grad school stuff have been weird. After waiting way too patiently for the University of Westminster to open up their international welcome programme registration and accommodation booking, it finally showed up online on Monday. I was happy to get this out of the way, as well as have a better place to stay than the hostel I had previously booked. After doing all the registration stuff, it came time to choose which days I wanted to stay in temporary housing, and I noticed that the webpage said that students who won either a full university scholarship OR a full fee waiver would receive free accommodation for the duration of the welcome programme and until the dorm contract starts. With this weight lifted off my shoulders of paying an extra $350, I excitedly submitted my application.

I then received an email back telling me how much I would have to pay for my booking. I was really confused. It said online that I wouldn’t have to. I emailed them back to explain the scholarship information, and they told me they’d reply as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I canceled my previous hostel booking and was ready to not have to pay for anywhere to stay from September 7-12. Of course, with my wonderful luck, they finally emailed me back to tell me that since I wasn’t a full scholarship recipient, I was not included in the free housing plan. Understandably, I was quite upset, because I had thought I’d saved $350 that could go towards other things I need before I leave. I sent them an email to explain what the website had said and even sent them screenshots. They emailed me back and told me the website was a mistake and immediately changed it. So now I am back to forking over more money to the school that I don’t have and my money woes continue.

In fact, due to my impending total debt and bankruptcy, I had to tell my roommate I’m moving out of our apartment a month earlier than expected. I feel terrible, because now she only have 20 days to find a replacement, but if I have to spend $350 on either rent or housing when I arrive in London, I need the London housing more. Thankfully I have friends and a boyfriend who will let me couch surf so I don’t have to sleep in my car. I also only live an hour and a half away from my parents home, so I can always stay there if I need to. I also did something stupid and opened a new credit card with a limit of $2000 that will help me survive the rest of the summer and the first few weeks in London until my financial aid comes in and I can pay off my credit card debt.

So tomorrow I’ll pay for my week of temporary accommodation in London, and wait for my new credit card to arrive so I can use it to pay for emergencies. I also have a list of to-do items that still need to get done, for the most part, I am in good shape on what I have left to deal with. I am still waiting on my iPhone to unlock so I can use it when I arrive and I need to buy medications and contacts before I go, but for the most part, I am ahead of the game for the stuff I need to have prepared before I leave.


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