London Looks

Anyone who knows me, knows I am way too obsessed with shopping and looking fashionable. I probably should stop looking at Pinterest and Polyvore, because it’s fueling my shopaholic problem, while I should wait patiently until I get to London to buy more clothes. Primark, Top Shop, H&M and Dorothy Perkins will be the places I frequent during my downtime, and I thought before I leave I’d put together some potential outfits I am very excited to wear when I arrive in the UK this fall. Please feel free to use these as inspiration for your own fall fashion study abroad clothing choices, because although you don’t have to end up packing this in your bag before you go, you can prepare yourself for items to buy when you touchdown in London.

This look combines my love of the skater dress, scarf, and ankle bootie. I’m also really into knee/thigh-high socks right now as well, and they are very much a fall item that I am looking forward to wearing more once it starts to get colder out. I think the royal blue of the dress nicely contrasts the mulberry color of the scarf. Also, the light brown/cognac shoes and bag go with almost any outfit color scheme and that’s why I like to add those color items so the outfit looks uniform.

I love lace, especially when paired with mostly black to make it stand out. It won’t be cold immediately when arriving to London, so wearing shorts without tights for a month will be alright until the wind and rain starts in. Until then, wearing flats will also be fine since it won’t ruin the shoes when it’s dry out. Keeping the outfit classy with a gold necklace and bracelet also keep it the black and white color scheme without going too far away from the vintage look that the lace provides.


Dark red skirts with a simple black top is really the way to go, and adding the cognac knee-high boots make this outfit lovely for school, work, or any sort of traveling I’ll end up doing. Pairing it with a fox pattern scarf will give it some excitement and is bound to draw in compliments from the fun nature of it. Since it will be getting cold out, adding in tights and a nice simple peacoat will keep me warm while walking around the streets of London. A cute backpack, that can double as a purse will be very helpful as well.

For those days when I want to be a little more casual, but still try to be fashionable, I’ll put on some high-waisted jeans and a nice loose sweater that will also keep me warm without an extra coat. Since this outfit would be sort of drab with just the sweater and jeans, adding in a scarf with flair and some smoking slippers will make it more exciting and prove I actually care about what I put on in the morning. You don’t really need a belt with these jeans, but sometimes it’s a nice accessory, as well as sunglasses for the rare times the London sun comes out in the fall and winter.



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