Top 10 London To Do List: #4 Random Tube Rides

Counting down the weeks until I leave, I will post 1 of 10 items that are definite must dos for my time in London.

#4. Ride the London Underground to random locations.

I love adventuring and getting lost. Truthfully, in this day and age, it’s almost impossible to really get lost because we have GPS and signs telling us where everything is. But I want to take the Tube and go to a random stop, get off, and go explore and try to find my way home. I think this is the best way to discover little nooks and crannies of a city you wouldn’t just find otherwise.

It would be an entirely different goal to try and get off at every single stop on the Underground network, but I think I could also make that something I work towards. I just want to photograph strange places and interesting things I find, and it’s boring to always know where you’re going and knowing in advance what you’ll find there. I want the mystery of travel to come back and be something I can fully enjoy, and buy forcing myself off the Tube in a place I haven’t been before, can open up new experiences that I wouldn’t have expected.



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