Shakespeare Tickets Purchased

I probably shouldn’t be buying tickets for shows so far in advance (although two months away isn’t that far in advance I guess), but I saw that one of my favorite actors, Martin Freeman, will be playing the title role in Richard III at the West End right when I arrive in London, and I figured I couldn’t miss out on buying a ticket to see him perform some Shakespeare. The only reason I thought I’d bite the bullet and actually purchase a ticket so early is because, knowing the popularity of Martin right now, this show will definitely get sold out if I wait until I arrive to buy them.

I am very excited to get to enjoy this show from a seat right on the stage. I get to be so close to Martin and that’s exciting. I’m seeing the production on September 12 at 7:30, which is right before I move into Wigram House the next day, so it will be a nice Friday night gift to myself to see some London Shakespeare within a week of my arrival to the UK. Unless I see something else before this upon my touchdown at Heathrow Airport, this shall be my first show of my grad school experience, and what better than a show with a celebrity in it that I can meet at the stage door after the show.

I predict that by the end of my time in London, that my autograph collection will be obscenely huge and probably embarrassing, but I won’t mind. 🙂


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