Better to Have Loved

My boyfriend, of all people, was the one to show me this video. And of course I cried as I watched it, but silently and hiding my tears so he wouldn’t see. It’s really worth a watch for anyone who has lost someone they love due to distance.

Previous to the clip, Louie’s girlfriend moved back to her home county in Eastern Europe and he is heartbroken from her leaving. His neighbor definitely has something to say about it though. In essence, he tells Louie, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson. Through this entire process of eventually leaving my boyfriend, this has been our mantra to attempt to get us through less scathed. We keep telling each other that it’s fine that we have this now, because it would’ve been stupid to try and stay away from each other in our small town until I left for London.

The neighbor puts it in a good way to think about when you’re trying to justify why it was all worth it. The pain and suffering you go through when your significant other isn’t in your life anymore proves the love was real, and most people would kill for a love like that. It’s the moment you don’t care about them anymore, is the saddest part. It means the love is gone or has faded, and that’s the true loss through distance that is worse.

As long as I continue to tell myself that all the nights I’m crying and upset over my love and I not being together, are proof that there were real and true emotions in my heart that went along with this person. The day I finally forget about him or ignore him as a part of my life is the most purest death of all. So I will continue to cry and write out my feelings and remember him fondly, and that way it will never have been a mistake to love him. Every happy day I have with him is better than one without.


2 thoughts on “Better to Have Loved

  1. I really just needed this right now. Thanks for having the insight into your own heart, and the courage to share it. ❤

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