Top 10 London To Do List: #6 One Photo a Day

Counting down the weeks until I leave, I will post 1 of 10 items that are definite must dos for my time in London.

#6. Take at least one photograph every day.

Every year, I tell myself I am going to do the 365 photo challenge, but then I fail by the third day. The reason for this is that I am not always inspired by my surroundings. I can’t force myself to look outside and think a tree is interesting. But… in London I know I will be inspired. Everywhere I look, I’ll see something that makes me want to take out my camera and shoot an image. Whether it be with my DSLR, film camera or iPhone, I want to make sure I take at least one photo a day during my time in grad school.

I will document this feat through my London Photo Journal blog, which I encourage you to follow on Tumblr. While it wont always be London photos (since I’ll be traveling all over Europe), I will make sure I keep up this task of making sure I keep my creative juices flowing each day I wake up.


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