Tentative Class Schedule

After so much waiting, and wondering nervously how much of a weekend I’ll have for traveling, my course leader for my creative writing program, sent me a tentative (although not likely to change) course schedule for the year.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.54.48 AM

Ignore the highlighted stuff, and we’ll focus on which classes of these nine I will be taking. As a part of my program, for the first semester, I am supposed to take at least two of the following three courses; Conflict in the City (Playwriting), Language and the Imagination (Poetry), and Tales of the City (Prose). Originally I was hoping to take the playwriting and prose courses, since those are my primary interests, and then also take poetry just for fun, but I am not such a fan of having a 5-7pm class on a Friday night to keep me in London.

Since I only have to take two of the three, and then add a third from a separate list, I am now thinking it may be smart to take the Digital London class (which includes writing for apps, internet, and other media), which will be right up my alley for what I want to do. I am not sure from this list if I must take the Writing Business class, or if I can take it during the second semester, but if I can at least take the classes that are only on Tuesday through Thursday, I will have the coveted four-day weekend that I was hoping I’d have!

If I can leave after class on Thursday, I am going to be able to use Thursday for traveling, arriving either that night or the next morning, and all of Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday to enjoy whichever location I end up in, and then can get back in time for class on Tuesday quite easily! This is perfect! I must admit though, I am trying to lessen my class time as much as possible, because my boyfriend will be trekking around Europe during October and November, and our plan is to meet up as often as possible. Now he only gets to be a lonely traveler for three days a week, and we’ll get to spend a lot of time together abroad.

Other school updates include finally pre-enrolling at my university, getting my school email address, paying for my early arrival accommodation, purchasing my International Student Identity Card, getting a bus ticket to take me into downtown Reykjavik during my layover in Iceland and receiving my orientation/enrollment schedule for my course. The only things left on my agenda are to get my phone unlocked (which I paid for a month ago, and it still hasn’t happened…), print out some paperwork, and pack, all before I leave in less than six weeks.



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