One Month

The time is getting shorter between now and my departure. With only 31 days left before I leave, it’s getting close and the feelings and thoughts surrounding my departure are becoming more intense. Half of the time I cannot wait to get on that plane and take off from America to the land of my dreams. But then the other half of the time, I look around and see the people I am leaving behind and get so upset at the fact that I won’t be seeing these people for a long time, if ever.

But right now, I’d rather try to focus on the happy part and be excited for my journey ahead of me. I have only 31 days standing between me and London! Well, technically 32-33 if you count not landing in London until the 6th of September and then sleeping in the airport and getting picked up by the shuttle on the 7th, but it’s such a short amount of time until my actual departure day, and I’m looking forward to this so much. I started this entire process in October 2013, so it’s been 10 months of work, and I am ready for it all to have been worth it.

But for now, I just need too…


…and allow myself to fully enjoy this final month I have with friends, family and the Pacific Northwest area I’ve always called home. Every moment with these people and in this place will soon become memories, and I need to relax and savor this time, these 31 days I have in the presence of my soon-to-be past. I don’t want to regret having wasted any time that I had, so I will try to suppress the sadness, and use that emotion and fear to drive my experiences that happen before I leave.


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