Exploring Your Area

I like to forget that I live in a naturally beautiful area of the world called the Pacific Northwest. I mean, I was obviously spoiled growing up on an island at a beach and having a childhood of summers to frolic near the water and a handful of autumns to run around in the woods with my siblings and cousins. But at a certain age, I started not to care. I got bored of my surroundings and started to actually hate nature a little bit. As a kid, I could care less about the bug bites and looking dirty after a romp through the trees, but as a teenager and adult, I lost my love for the sand and the forts and gravitated more towards the inside.

But yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to go on an adventure, right in our area. I’ve lived in Bellingham now for about 5 years, and haven’t truly taken advantage of this place. Chuckanut Drive is one of those roads that many tourists to the area take, and I had driven down it once with a couple friends my sophomore year, but hadn’t enjoyed it in the sunny weather or with any stops along the way. I wasn’t really a big fan of turning our journey into a hike, since I’m not really into trudging myself up a 10 mile hill, only to get to the top and not be impressed with the view, but we stopped at Larrabee State Park and walked down to the beach and climbed around the rocks for a bit, Taking in the gorgeous scenery.

My boyfriend walking through a tunnel.
A panorama of the view.

I didn’t bring my camera with me, and just used my phone to take some shots. It was nice for once to not lug around a huge DSLR, especially when climbing rocks. I realized during this jaunt that there is actually excitement in exploring your own area. I need to stop being so snobby about thinking only the rest of the world has scenery to offer. Europe is beautiful, but so is the Pacific Northwest. Day trips around the place you live can be just as satisfying as flying 4,000 miles away. There is worth in every place. I really hope I spend these next three weeks I have in America, fully experiencing the place I was raised in. Who knows when I’ll be back here again?

Attempting to be artsy with just an iPhone.
Too beautiful of a day to capture in a photo.

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