Things Seattleites Won’t Admit to Doing

Enjoying Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market, 1973

I’m pretty sure as much as Seattle people complain about how much of a tourist trap Pike Place Market is, they still jump at the chance to take any visiting friends there. Seattleites like to act like these out-of-towners are the only reason they’d even get close, but truly, Pike Place Market is fun to walk through each and every time you visit. It’s definitely not someplaceĀ a Western Washingtonian would go, due to all the foot traffic and expensive parking fees, but there’s always something new to see and gum to put on the wall.

Wanting to go Up the Space Needle
Monorail and Space Needle, 1962

It costs a lot of money to visit ($18 for an adult), but any Seattle area person who hasn’t gone up the Space Needle secretly wants to go up it sometime in their life, to at least say that they did. I know that I didn’t finally get up to the top until I was 18, even after living in the Pacific Northwest my whole life, but it really was worth it. Seeing all of Seattle and the Puget Sound laid out before you is really a treat, and Seattleites are lying if they say they don’t care about going to the top. Everyone is curious about what it looks like up there.

Drinking Too Much Starbucks
Starbucks store in Pike Place Market, 1977

In true hipster fashion, many Seattleites won’t admit to supporting such a large organization, even if it did start right in their city. Tiny, non-chain espresso places tend to get a lot of praise around the city. But in the end, when you’re in a hurry and need coffee fast, many PNW people will end up in a Starbucks, making ridiculous claims (“It’s organic and fair trade! I read about it!”-person who just bought Starbucks) to make themselves feel better about their corporate purchase.

Being Jealous of Portlandia
Garfield Street Bridge under construction, 1930

Washingtonians, especially Seattleites are constantly wondering why “Portlandia” is set in Portland, when Seattle life is basically the same, and we have many of the same day to day issues that Portland citizens face. When Fred Armisen performed at Bumbershoot in 2012, people yelled from the audience at why there’s no “Seattleandia,” to which he responded that Seattle is already popular enough without needing a TV show based on it. While that’s true (we already have Frasier, Grey’s Anatomy, iCarly, etc.), we still wish we had our own Portlandia-type show that showcased how wonderfully weird we are here in Seattle, Washington.

This list is really my opinion and I’m not trying to speak for Seattleites, as I must admit, I did not grow up quite in Seattle, but on an island about 45 minutes away. But these are thoughts I’ve always had and shared with fellow PNW friends who grew up in this area as well, so I thought I’d write them down in listicle form, just for fun.



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