The Goodbye Tour

I feel like singing, “So Long, Farewell” to each person I say goodbye to.

This entire summer has felt like a farewell concert performance tour, starring me, because every day is a different goodbye to a person in my life, and it’s getting sad. Some days I wish I had at least one friend coming with me, but realize that it’s good for me to go into this alone and not rely on a friend to keep me sane. But with each person I hug and say “see ya later” to, I get a little more heartbroken and wish that “see ya later” was actually true.

The truth is, I don’t actually know how many of these people I’ll actually see later, and that’s what scares me. I make friends and family a priority in my life, so to part from them is very scary. I often wish that we all had the same dreams and they could all come to London with me, but we’re all going in different directions, and it’s unrealistic to think we’ll all ever be in the same place at once ever again.

But without trying to be too bleak on this situation, there are really a few people who I truly believe I will see again. Right now it may seem impossible because it costs money to buy a plane ticket, or class or work may get in the way, but I’m positive that this is not the end for some of these people. I will see them again. There’s no reason to think that I won’t. I care about these people and want them to be a part of my life, even from a distance.

My goodbye tour has taken me all over Washington, a lot of gas money has been spent, but it’s so worth it to get in a final face-to-face farewell, and a hug to seal the deal. I think it’d actually be more sad if I had no one to say goodbye to, so I guess it’s great that there were so many people in my life who made a difference and make it sad to go. I’m glad I’m having a hard time, because it means I have feelings and emotions, which make me human.

So goodbye my friends, goodbye family, goodbye to my old life, but hello to my new life, which doesn’t mean I have to give up everyone and everything from before, but to evolve in a new way, maybe without their presence nearby, but with long-distance communication and great memories of what we had.



5 thoughts on “The Goodbye Tour

    1. I think you have to send in an official, sealed transcript with your visa application, or at least that’s what the UK visa website (as well as my uni) told me, so I got one from my undergrad college and sent it in. I’m pretty sure it’s mandatory unless there’s other circumstances that are allowing you to go (such as years of work experience, etc).

      1. Ah, thanks for the info. I asked because I read on another blog that the person applying got their transcripts back unopened in the end. I couldn’t tell when reading the guidelines if it was absolutely necessary to send them or not.

      2. My transcript didn’t get sent back with mine, which I’m assuming means they opened and used. I was hoping they’d send it back so I could use it later, but now I have to buy a new one before I leave because I think I have to use it for my enrollment process. I’d send one along just in case. You never know what might happen if you dont!

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