Two Weeks To Go

Well, it’s officially two weeks to the day that I will get on a plane and fly to London via Iceland. It’s strange to think that I started this process last October and it’s now finally getting time to leave. When I began this all those months ago, I was not 100% sure it would even happen, but I had my dreams and ambitious nature to keep going, and look what I succeeded! It’s crazy that this to-do list I started months ago is finally complete.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.54.15 AM

I did everything I was hoping to do, and it’s crazy to me that I really have nothing to do but wait for 14 days until I leave. 14 days! It seems like a lifetime and so short all at the same time, and I don’t know what to do with myself. How does one do all they need to do before they leave without forgetting something? How do I spend 14 days left in America? I’d be different if I had stuff left to do before I go, but everything is complete, which means I am free to do anything I wish.

They call two weeks a fortnight in the UK, and I’m just not sure to do with the fortnight that I have. I want to stay busy, but I also want to want to just relax as much as possible before my life gets crazy. It’s tough to find a balance of what to do with such a short amount of time. I’ve never been good at making decisions, so it’s hard to know what I should do. I’ve never had a bucket list of things to do in the PNW, so I can’t think of what to do in my own hometown. I’ve seen most of my friends at this point and said my goodbyes. I guess really all that’s left is to just take it easy and enjoy the last few moments without any stress. It’s probably good that my to-do list is done. I can cruise through these 14 days with ease.

The only worries on my mind right now are that I’m still in the dark on a few things, and I’m very anxious to hear from the university about them because it makes me nervous to not know. I really want to know more information about moving into my dorm, which I’ve heard nothing about since I got my housing offer back in May. I pre-bought some room stuff and hope that gets sent out in time. I’d love to know the schedule for the international welcome programme, as well as know what time and where I’ll be picked up from Heathrow airport. I wish I could buy a sim card now, but can’t. I’d also love to have my course schedule officially done, but it’s still very confusing to me from the limited information I’ve been sent. I just feel so unknowing of a lot of information that I feel I should’ve known by now, but I guess I have to be patient for another two weeks, as I have been so far.


3 thoughts on “Two Weeks To Go

  1. I totally understand the awkwardness of completing a To-Do list; there’s nothing left that you can control. But take heart! You checked off everything on your list. And I’m sure you’ll (eventually) get the info you need about your housing and welcome program. Are the staff pretty good about responding to emails?

    Sit back and relax — you’ve earned it 🙂

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