How I Became an Anglophile

If I look over my life and try to figure out how and why I became an Anglophile, there are many things and moments that spurred that love in me for the English world.

When Lucy Ricardo went to London, I wanted to go too.
Lucy & Ethel go to Buckingham Palace.

I always watched I Love Lucy as a kid, and Lucille Ball became my hero when it came to strong women in comedy (I think I picked up my ability for comic timing from her). I remember watching the season where the gang goes to Europe, and other than wanting to visit all those places too, the episode, “Lucy Meets the Queen,” was definitely one that struck a chord with me. The episode is iconic of Lucy trying to make a guard at Buckingham Palace laugh. This was so funny to me as a child, and still is as an adult. I wanted to go to London and try that too. Of course, I know not to actually do that, as it’s rude, but it was fun to dream about.

Colin Firth might've been my first crush.
Colin Firth might’ve been my first crush.

The next big item that awoke a love for the UK for me was when my mom showed me the 1995 BBC series version of Pride and Prejudice. I fell in love with the beautiful clothing and the proper sort of language they used to get their point across. Even as a young girl, not quite fully understanding of what was happening, loved the aesthetic of this Regency world. I read the book, started watching more Jane Austen films, and daydreamed constantly of being a part of that era. Through this literature, I was later inspired to write my own novels set in this time, and while I haven’t finished one yet, I hope to complete wrtiting at least one of these books by the end of this next year.

These books shaped my life.
These books shaped my life.

And of course, who can forget Harry Potter? I came across these books as a 10-year-old, and they were definitely something that made me the person I am today. I could imagine myself in this magical world, and it opened up my mind to so many possibilities. The Harry Potter culture was so important to my life, and with each book release or midnight movie showing, my teenage years were consumed by J.K. Rowling’s words and images. I think this is what cemented in my mind that I was meant to be in England. It was very much a driving factor in my quest to finally get abroad to the country I read so much about through this young adult literature.


4 thoughts on “How I Became an Anglophile

  1. Hello Samantha–loved your article on the web about why you can’t wait to get back to England. I really need to find a way to contact you more personally, as I have been trying to move to England for the last 5 years and have also been stymied by the visa and immigration system. I have not yet tried the ‘be-a-student’ route yet but I may have no other choice. I certainly can’t just up and marry a British national; I don’t know any!!! What is the best way to communicate with you?

    1. The immigration system here (I’m an American living in Cornwall) really is hostile. We were lucky in our timing, moving here before it changed. I wish I had some advice, but I don’t know all the ins and outs of the system. A student visa might be the best approach if you can do that. Just thought I’d write to wish you luck.

      1. Hey Ms. Hawley–thanks for your reply and yes, the system is a bit intimidating. I actually would like to move to Cornwall. I’d be quite happy in Truro, thank you very much. Loved the Cathedral there. Spent a few days in Marazion, the weather wasn’t wonderful at that time but the place I stayed was fantastic: a bed and breakfast right on the main drag there. Can’t for the life of me remember the name. If “student” doesn’t get me over there, I may have to resort to being a mail-order bride, ha ha. I’m currently pursuing a Doctorate in Health Sciences (I’m a physio and actually have my UK physiotherapy license) here in the States and would like to finish up with that before going for any other advanced education. My wallet is pretty light at the moment. I wonder if the Cambridges will need a second nanny for their newest peanut??? Thanks for the words of encouragement. If it’s meant to be, God will get me there. So, how did you end up in England???

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