Whytecliff Park Adventure

I needed a day where I just run away to Canada for an adventure. I kept seeing photos of beautiful beaches and mountains in British Columbia, and I wanted to find one of them and photograph and explore. On Sunday, my boyfriend and I woke up early and set off to the Canadian border. If you read my last Vancouver post, you’ll know that I was stopped and searched on my way up, which made me a little nervous this time, but obviously we got through just fine.

We started our day with a little walk around downtown Vancouver, where we ran into a Thailand festival, Viva Vancouver, as well as an Anime convention happening. The time on our parking ran out, so we decided to hit the road to see what sort of beach we could find. I had heard about Stanley Park, and thought we could head there, but upon driving though, we found that you had to pay to park and enjoy the nature (which I’ve always thought was a bit ridiculous), and it wasn’t exactly the rocky cliffs and rolling hills I was imagining, so we drove on, across Lions Gate Bridge, to see what else was out there.

One of my favorite things to do while adventuring is letting the path take you wherever you need to go, and not really caring where you end up. I’m glad that was my mindset, because after driving on the freeway for a bit, I saw an exit for Horseshoe Bay, and thought that sounded quaint. We took the road down towards the ferry, to a nice little park area near the docks, but it was very crowded, so I continued driving on. This really was the right choice, because after finding our way into a residential area, we happened upon Whytecliff Park, which had the beach I was imagining.

I had no idea this place existed, but it was like fate that we found it. This is the kind of place that the Cascadia area is known for. The beautiful rock formations, tiny islands, lovely summer seaside, and wildlife creatures are what I grew up in and love. After an hour or so of climbing the rocks, and enjoying the gorgeous weather, we decided it was time to head back, but I can’t get the amazing imagery of that place out of my head. It was like stumbling into some sort of secret cove like you see in movies. We headed back to downtown Vancouver and got a famous Japadog, and then headed back to America. It was a really great trek to take to get me into the traveling mood for next month when I leave for Europe.


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