The Brunch Generation: Homeskillet, Bellingham, WA

I read that our generation is obsessed with getting brunch, and for me, I feel that is completely true. Waking up late and going to get some well-made eggs and toast is exactly what I need most days. I started this new food reviews column called “The Brunch Generation” and since I’m not quite to London yet, I decided to write-up a brunch place in my college town.

Homeskillet is a very popular spot in Bellingham, WA for getting breakfast and lunch. It’s sort of tucked away in an area of town that most people don’t really know about, but I was introduced to it by a friend and was instantly hooked to it’s eclectic menu.


Immediately upon walking inside, you get the feeling, just from the colors and collection of things on the walls, that you’re in a home-y place that will give you good food. There’s always a wait for brunch, and there’s a reason; the food is delicious. The water is served in mason jars, and you get coffee in a collection of thrift store mugs. The most unique thing about this place is the bathroom, which is covered in clowns; a nightmare for anyone like me who has Coulrophobia.




The menu is famous for its homeskillets, which is a dish, served in a cast-iron skillet, and varies from a mixture of potatoes, eggs, cheese, meat and veggies. They also have breakfast burritos, hash mixtures, and a lunch menu. It makes sense that this place is always packed, because their meals are tasty, very filling, and exactly what one needs some mornings.



I fully recommend this place to anyone passing through Bellingham, and hope to find a brunch place in London that I can come to love as much as Homeskillet.


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