One Week: Travel Playlist

*If you didn’t notice, I updated my blog to give it a more clean, professional look! Don’t worry! Nothing has changed except the layout!*

Around this time next Friday, I will be waking up and putting together the finishing touches to my luggage, eating one last breakfast with my family and then heading to the shuttle that will take me to SeaTac airport. How has the time passed so fast? It feels like there’s still so many months between me and my departure, but there isn’t. I have less than seven days left to spend time with the people I care about before jetting off to start my new life. This will be the biggest change I’ve ever faced, and while I’m ready on paper, I’m still a little scattered in my mind about how I feel. I can’t wait to get over there and experience my dearest London again, but I’m scared about losing the people I’ve left behind in America. I’m sure I’ll be fine once I arrive and get settled, but for now, my nerves are wavering.

Every time I travel, I put together a music playlist to accompany my journey. This time around, I’m compiling my songs, and here’s what I have so far…

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 8.59.33 AM

I’d love to get some suggestions for good travel music. I’m trying to stick with a more calming feel for this journey, since I feel like the soothing indie music will keep me in check. Let me know of a song to add to complete my list!


6 thoughts on “One Week: Travel Playlist

  1. Oh my goodness, we are basically music twins and this is just one more reason we should be best friends in London. Imitosis has been on repeat for me all week, as has been Greg Laswell and I’m a huge fan of the Local Natives, James Blake, and like half of the other artists on here. Also, I’m currently writing a travel playlist post, so I’ll try not to copy you 😉 I’d also add:
    Cherry Wine – by Hozier
    Measuring Cups – by Andrew Bird
    Logic of Color – by Wye Oak
    Under the Same Sun – by Ben Howard
    Killing for Love – Jose Gonzalez

  2. Coldplay has always been my fav, all lined up on my playlist.
    I moved here few months ago and falling in love as well.
    Wish you a safe and enjoyable journey to London.
    😀 *waves*

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