Last American Day

So, I leave America tomorrow. Should I eat a cheeseburger and apple pie before I go? Is there anything American that I will truly miss? Probably more than I realize at the moment, but for now, I am just anxious to get out of here and get on that plane. Today is a day of finalizations. I will be finishing my packing, spending time with family and trying to fully force my mindset into that of a person about to uproot their life and become an expat. There’s a long post I wrote over on Londontopia, that basically sums up what I’m feeling, so definitely check that out, so I don’t have to repeat what I’ve said in two places.

As I prepare to leave, I’m getting myself together, as well as planning out my flight outfit for my journey. Below is what I’m pretty positive I’ll be wearing. It’s simple and will keep me looking fashionable, but practical for the next few days. I probably won’t be changing my clothes until Sunday morning when I prepare to catch the meet and greet shuttle from Heathrow to my temporary housing.


I really wish I could move into my dorm early, but apparently there’s construction being done, so I can’t arrive until the 13th, but until then, I’m admiring my building from Google Street View, and hoping I get a room with a view, or at least a tiny balcony. After mapping it out, the Starbucks is literally right out the door of my dorm, which may be dangerous for me, but also, nice to have close if I need a place to get away to with free wifi.


I keep getting invites to a lot of parties and clubbing events for the Freshers, and it’s making me realize that I am too old for all the Freshers events and I don’t want to seem like a curmudgeon when it comes to going out and meeting people, but I will be on a very limited budget my first few weeks (until my financial aid comes in), and I already did the whole first year excitement thing 3 years ago in Chester. I very much want to make friends, but I’ll find another way, since a huge gathering of drunk 18-year-olds is not my idea of fun at this point in my life.

Now, what to do? How will I spend these final 24 hours in America? Enjoying my relaxation time I guess. There’s nothing to do at this point but wait. Wait for the clock to keep ticking away until my departure. Today may be the longest day of my life as I sit here waiting. Everything is prepared, so all I can do it hang out and enjoy the comfort of my home until I have to leave it for a very long time.


2 thoughts on “Last American Day

  1. I was an older grad student and I dodged all those parties for the same reason. But I think that might have been a mistake. Although I was by far the oldest, there were others more mature than the youngsters. They apparently attended those events and got to know one another. They continued to be a sort of group in which they aired their various ideas and theories. I wasn’t able to be a member. It was an academic sorting house but definitely not a place to make friends.

    1. These parties aren’t just get togethers for people to meet each other. They are HUGE clubbing events at different dance clubs around London. I am excited to meet new people, but in a more relaxed setting lol.

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