2 Hours in Reykjavik

Originally, I had planned on using 6 of my 10 layover hours to explore Reykjavik, but sometimes plans don’t go exactly the way you want. I actually can’t tell if I slept on the flight from Seattle to Keflavik. I took more than enough sleeping pills and I feel like I might’ve been asleep for part of the flight, but it was that strange hybrid of half-awake/half-asleep where you’re weirdly aware of your surroundings, but still off the radar. With 2 hours left in the flight, I decided to stay awake and read a little and watched some 30 Rock on my iPod. The landing was very smooth and I navigated my way through the airport to the bus.image (1)

My first impression of Iceland was that it is geologically gorgeous. I can understand why they film Game of Thrones here. The landscapes are almost otherworldly. The drive from the airport to the bus station was lovely. The only thing that went wrong was that my camera started freaking out and telling me the battery wasn’t connected, and then it died on me before I even got into the city. I was very upset. Without my camera, I feel naked. It’s my way of capturing and remembering my journeys. I didn’t know what to do with myself once this happened.

1531886_10202112629248805_7153581876261214959_n  10671259_10202112920096076_6217672469833777018_n

To tell the truth, it definitely put me in a bad mood that I couldn’t use my camera the way I wanted to, so I made use of the iPhone camera and hoped I could at least get some interesting shots. When I have my camera, I can be out and about shooting for hours. But with it not working, my 6 hours to explore ended up only being about 2. I noticed that many shops in Reykjavik don’t open until 11am on Saturdays, which was unfortunate for me, as I got there at 8:30am. Also, just grabbing coffee-on-the-go did not seem like something I could find at all. I really just wanted some coffee to walk around with, but there were only sit-down cafes. I took out some money from an ATM so I could go eat/drink somewhere, and ended up taking out way too much (apparently 10,000 Krona is about $85, oops), so I will promptly be exchanging what’s left for British Pounds.image

I explored part of the city to the best of my extent with my grumpy demeanor. I just couldn’t get over my camera not working. I was also starving, which didn’t help my mood, so after searching forever for a grocery store, I got a strange tasting salad and some water and decided to somehow find my way back to the bus station. I really do want to come back to Reykjavik someday. I feel that my moodiness made my short experience not so good, and I’d like to come back with a functioning camera and maybe a more set plan on what to do, because my aimlessness led to me getting bored after only 2 hours. But the city is pretty, and an enjoyable place to wander about it.

image (3)   image (2)


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