Photo Journal: Camden Lock and Market

My boyfriend finally arrived to London yesterday, and it’s been so wonderful to have him back in my life again! And now I have an adventure partner to explore London with, instead of being that lonely tourist girl who results to taking selfies for lack of a friend. For his second day in the city, I decided to take him over the Camden and give him a taste of the market and the canal. He was so excited to see all the shops and street food available. I love showing new places in London to people who haven’t experienced them yet. It was a very lovely day of exploring the market, and I even found some areas of it I hadn’t been to yet. We walked around, ate way too many samples (it almost made a full meal), I contemplated on whether I was brave enough to haggle for a cute jumper (I wasn’t), and we ate some Turkish food. I can’t wait to head back and try out some other cuisines and possibly buy that jumper for half price.
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