In September 2011, I left the continent for the first time and flew almost 5,000 miles to England to spend three months studying abroad. Those 90 days were not nearly enough time for me to get a full experience of Europe. The moment I arrived in America, I longed to go back. Three years later, I am finally leaving the Pacific Northwest to study for my Creative Writing MA at the University of Westminster, straight in the heart of London and to travel around Europe. I will write all my thoughts on this blog, answer questions about the process, and create a lasting collection of a part of my life that I never want to forget.

I’m Samantha, and I have never not been involved with something artistic. While I lack the talent to draw, paint or sculpt, I thrive in other areas of the creative world, and excel in performing arts, creative writing, photography, public relations, social media and graphic design. I am a dreamer, an idealist and a forward-thinking person. For my professional life, my goal is to work in the arts and entertainment industry as a public relations practitioner. I have an affinity for traveling the world, watching BBC shows, making people laugh, dancing alone in my room, dressing fashionably, and attempting to make Pinterest crafts with disastrous end results.thefacts

  • After a really boring spring break 2012, and entering a million sweepstakes, I won two travel contests within a month of each other.
  • I was adopted by my grandparents, which makes my family really confusing, so don’t ask me to explain it because it will take forever.
  • Indiana Jones inspired me to become an archeologist (which I didn’t end up studying), but someday I’d love to go back to school for it.
  • With no assumption I’d get in, I auditioned for Seattle Opera’s production of Porgy & Bess, was cast in the Chorus, and was paid very well.
  • I waited outside a cinema in Leicester Square for 24 hours in the cold December weather so I could meet Robert Downey Jr & Jude Law.
  • My dream job changes a lot, but it’s a mixture of being the next Tina Fey, traveling, taking photos, performing and blogging.

Photo by Katy Bentz


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